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  • "I first met Noscasa in 2007 while filming the Irish property programme House Hunters in the Sun. Cape Verde was an emerging market with many property developers and agents looking for a piece of pie from these beautiful African islands. With the recent economic downturn most of those pioneers have left except for NOSCASA. True to their professional workd they have dug their heels in and diversified the business to include a large rental portfolio and, to quote MD Paul Akwei 'We are here for the long haul'. If anyone asks me about Cape Verde I always say 'contact Noscasa', the are the experts on all things to do with property investments on the islands. More importantly the staff remains largely the same since '07 and for me a company with low employee turnover is doing something right."

Liz O'Kane - Home finder and property columnist - Dublin, Ireland

  • "I have been more than hapy with the great service offered by Noscasa. A very friendly and professional organisation whihc I am happy to recommend to others, keep up the good work".

Harmeet Kandola

  • "Noscasa has provided us great customer service by going the exra mile. When we decided to visit Sao Vicente, the sales team helped us arrange flights and accommodation, and even picked us up from the airport. They are experts in the Cape Verde property market and have offered us sound advice when making our investments".

Glen and Melody Cutfield - Auckland, New Zealand

  • "I visited Cape Verde in 2006 with the intention of making a property investment. I was fortunate to visit the offices of Noscasa, where from my initial meeting to the point where we are now at, with them managing the property they found for me, they have provided excellent service, support and advice in all areas. I have found them to be solid and reliable experts in their field".

Margaret Davies

  • "I did my first travel to Cape Verde in November 2008. And I liked it from the beginning, because of the nice weather, beautiful beaches and the friendly people. I returned two months later and bought a commercial local. Chosing which agent to use was quite easy because I thought (and now I know) that Noscasa is the most competent agency in Cape Verde. They helped us not only with the property, but also with the paperwork to start a limited company and with other things we needed to get everything in order. So I really can recommend Noscasa when you are int"erested in buying a property. But you should also know that everthing takes a long time in Cape Verde. All paperwork is very, very, very slow. But this is not Noscasa's fault. So if you like 'no stress', you should go to Cape Verde".

Jan Nilsson - Sweden