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June in Cape Verde

05 July 2013
It was a great month in Cape Verde, sunshine, festivals and fishing! We have also seen a massive increase in the number of people visiting the Islands of Sao Vicente and Santiago, and with the upcoming annual music festival in Mindelo this August it is set to become even busier! If you are looking to visit Santiago or Sao Vicente contact us to see our range of luxury apartments which can be rented on a daily basis for as little as E45 per night!

May in Cape Verde

05 June 2013
Cape Verde is developing every day and we love being here to see the changes and report back to you! Our regular visitors often comment on all of the improvements and how the Islands are becoming more user friendly every time they visit. There are lots of things that we hope never change but many of the town developments are making a big difference to the day to day experience of living and holidaying here. One thing is for sure - no matter what improves and changes, Cape Verde will never lose i

April in Cape Verde

01 May 2013
April has been another busy month with a lot happening across the islands of Cape Verde...

March in Cape Verde

11 April 2013
Being the month of Easter Cape Verde was an especially busy month, here are some photos of the different activities people did during the break.

February in Cape Verde

12 March 2013
February is always an exciting time in Cape Verde as its Carnival time! Carnival in Cape Verde is a highlight on everyone’s calendar and certainly something not to be missed if you’re here at the right time. The Mindelo Carnival rival’s Rio de Janeiro, the costumes and floats that parade here are incredible and in true Cape Verdean style the party goes on for days and Mindelo is full for the duration of the festival. If you haven’t been before put it into your calendar as a date to be in Mindelo