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We, Cape Verdean journalists, we are also Charlie

10 January 2015
A minute of silence in memory of the victims of the attack in France marked the beginning of the manifestation held in front of the City Hall of Praia.

The natural disaster your not reading about...

15 December 2014
Around 60 volcanoes erupt in the average year. On any particular day, there are usually about 20 volcanoes erupting somewhere in the world. Naturally, they can’t all make headlines. But when there are human tragedies involved, we need to question the priorities of the news media.

The Pope receives Cape Verdean bishops

10 November 2014
The Pope receives the bishops of Senegal, Mauritania, Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau: focus on the quality rather than the quality of priests

Brava: The island of flowers in Cape Verde

07 November 2014
The smallest inhabited island in the Cape Verde archipelago is “Brava.” The name means wild, but the island is the greenest of them all and is often called the Island of Flowers for this reason.

China donates US$150 million to Cabo Verde

05 November 2014
China donates US$150 million to Cabo Verde