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Noscasa Press Releases


Pope announces first cardinal of Cape Verde

09 January 2015
Pope Francis has put his stamp firmly on the Roman Catholic Church by naming 20 new cardinals from countries as diverse as Ethiopia, Vietnam and Panama. The Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said the choices signalled that the Pope does not feel “chained to tradition” as he shifts the balance of power in the Church towards the developing world. The clerics from 14 different countries include the first men from Tonga, Burma and Cape Verde to become so-called “princes of the Church”.

Windsurfing pro to come to Cape Verde

09 January 2015
February 23 to March 8 2015Cabo Verde at its best Windsurfing/Surfing & SUP at the magical Ponta Preta. Dia de Criancas +H20 with Club Mistral & Goya taking the local kids on the water.

Recent article in Daily Mail about Cape Verde

05 November 2014
The windswept wonders at Africa's edge: A journey through the Cape Verde islands, where culture, relaxation and scenery meet The Cape Verde islands sit some 350 miles west of the African mainland Sal and Boa Vista are relatively known, and great for lazy beach holidays The more westerly island of Sao Vicente is the archipelago's cultural hub

Boa Vista could get three more luxury hotels

24 September 2014
Boa Vista could soon have three more luxury hotels, the results of investments by Tuy and hotel group RIU. The information was announced to Cape Verdean National Radio by the new Chief Executive Officer of the Boa Vista and Maio Integrated Tourist Development Corporation (SDTIBM), Avelino Bonifácio.

Cape Verde - An African Success Story!

22 July 2013
We wanted to share with you this article published by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa: Cape Verde is a real African success story. In the space of 30 years, from 1982 to 2012, per capita income in Cape Verde has increased by a factor of 3.5 in real terms. This gives an idea of the formidable achievements of this small nation, which have been eloquently mentioned by other authors. Instead of reiterating these considerations, allow me to broaden a bit the debate and draw from